19 agosto 2015



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For over 15 years, Cocomelody has been an expert dress-maker in bridal profession.
The founder Miranda used to be a freelance writer, travelling around the world is her favorite. During trip, she made friends with many people of the same interest, like dress designers, photographers, wedding planners, etc. To work together with such talented friends is Miranda’s ultimate dream.
One day she got to know by chance from a bride-to-be friend that what expenses people have to pay for wedding. Understanding the very importance of dresses to a bride, Miranda felt heartbroken to see her stretch between her dream dress and tight budget. After research in the bridal space, Miranda was surprised by the shabby quality of dresses in most online stores and the expensive prices of dresses in top brands bridal boutiques.
Believing the world should be nice and fair, Miranda decided to start her own bridal company, providing brides with couture gowns of their dreams, not only in high quality, but also at affordable prices.
This is CocoMelody, founding on the simple idea to make every dress-shopper happy, no matter what their budget might be.

Cheap homecoming dresses


Homecoming is an annual alumni association. It will be held not long after starting the classes in autumn in arbitrary places including dance halls of hotels and stadiums of schools. However, on such important day, never let the site problem affect your mood when wearing the homecoming dress to enjoy the latest fashion trends. Cocomelody has a wide selection of cute, vintage, unique 2015 homecoming dresses which are from various designers and perfectly grasp fashion trends. Appropriate prices let every girl have more choices. And whenever to pick homecoming dresses is not too early. With the publishment of fashion trends in autumn, you need to know something about fashion and build the ideal look on homecoming dresses in your mind. Then discover our dresses for homecoming to find your perfect short homecoming dress that fits great and looks fabulous. Now shop for cheap homecoming dresses under 100 at big discount prices.

Free shipping campaign of homecoming dress orders.
It lasts for one month.
2015/8/10 - 2015/9/10

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